Rocktown Music offers complete musical instrument and equipment repair services.  Since the store is owned by a master repair technician and luthier, you can trust that competent repair services is one of the most important things we do.

We also have a comprehensive and ever-growing part department.  We stock both replacement parts and novelty parts for customizing your instrument.  Of course, we can order just about anything that we don’t happen to have in stock.


All guitar and other stringed instrument repairs are done on site by one of our two professional repair technicians, Joel and Kris. Repair turnaround times are almost always within a week, but we are able to rush jobs for pros with demanding schedules or anyone with an urgent need.  Our pricing is incredibly reasonable, especially for the quality of work that is being done.

Good, Fast, Cheap… pick only two?!?!

In America, with service and labor jobs, it’s a given that between good, fast, and cheap, you’ll get any two.  You can have it done well and right on time, but it will cost you… or if you want it to be great, but you don’t have a lot of dough to commit to it, you’ll wait weeks…if not months.  And fast jobs done cheap are rarely good.  In defiance of all logic, we’re doing our best to give you all three. 

The following repair services are just some of the types of professional repairs we offer at Rocktown Music and pricing estimates for some of these services:

  • Setups (Starting at $25)
  • Restrings (Starting at $20)
  • Single String Replacement (Starting at $5 per string)
  • Strobe Tuning/Intonations (Starting at $15)
  • Nut And Saddle Replacements (Starting at $15)
  • Cutting Bone Nuts (Starting at $20)
  • Pickup Replacement (Starting at $40)
  • Tremolo Setting
  • Fret Dressing
  • Fret Replacement
  • Crack Repairs
  • Neck Resets
  • Neck Straightening
  • Neck Break Repairs
  • Input Jack Replacement
  • Switch Replacement
  • Machine Head (Tuner) Repair And Replacement
  • Diagnosing And Repairing Unknown Electronic Issues
  • Custom Pickguards
  • Repairing Finish Blemishes
  • Custom Modifications
  • And Much, Much More

Discounts are offered for mulitple services or for any instrument purchased from Rocktown Music.

Please bring your guitar in the store for a free estimate on any repair services.

What is a Setup?

Over time humidity changes, string tension and just wood being wood can bring instruments out of alignment.  The setup fixes this with adjustments to the neck, saddle, nut, or bridge in order to ensure that the string height is to specification.  The result is a guitar (banjo, violin, etc.) that is easily and comfortably playable, that stays in tune better, with all notes ringing true.  At Rocktown Music setups also include guitar polishing, fretboard reconditioning, fret polishing, and inspection of the instrument for issues that may require further attention.  Regular setups improve playability and extend the life of the instrument.


Please call us (320-257-7676) or emails us ( if you need a repair on your electronic. It has been difficult getting parts from certain brands. We have certified techs to work on electronics. We just don’t know if parts are accessible.

Horn Repairs – Please Call Or Email Us On The Repair

Rocktown Music also offers repairs on all band instruments including saxophones, trumpets, flutes, clarinets, trombones, tubas, baritones, and french horns. Whether you need to restore a used instrument to playing condition or have extensive repair issues with an instrument, we are able to handle the job with labor rates and quality of work that will not disappoint.

We are proud to be your reliable hometown shop!