We have three different options available to shake the house at your next event. If it’s a wedding, house party, live performance, or even bingo night, Rocktown Music has you covered with suitable options for any occasion. We have a decent selection of lights and a great selection of other equipment available to rent for your next event as well.

Level 1

  • $100 per night
  • Perfect for a crowd of 50
  • Includes 2 Speakers, microphone, and a powered mixer.

Level 2

  • $250 per night
  • Ideal for roughly 200 people
  • Includes 2 speakers, powered mixer, 2 microphones, and stage monitors.

Level 3

  • $400 per night
  • Suitable for 400+ people
  • Includes subs, powered mixer, lights, 4 microphones, and stage monitors.