Vintage Franklin pedabro resonator pedal steel -on hold | #23 of 25 ever made |



I have had 3 of these  Franklin Pedabros now. These have been on many hit songs and when you hear it you will know why.
WATCH THE DEMO VIDEO-it is full on unplugged off an iPad (try that with any other steel)
The Franklin Pedalbro is heard on Randy Travis #1 “Forever and ever amen”.   We are are real store and you are welcome to come try it.
I have worked on guitars for many shops 3 decades and only ever seen 2 others ( and they are famous players that will not ever sell). There is one small scratch near neck that is to small to get a good photo of- otherwise very clean. I tuned it to d9 Pedal 1 goes G to A, 2 E’s to f, 3 G and C a whole tone. There is a knee lever to go c’s to c#. It may need adjustments if shipped, but it is working now. Nice original hard case. I have sold\shipped many pedal steels (including a Sho bud to Florida last week-via Reverb/fed ex), so I know how to put pads under rods and what not, to be sure it can gets there in good shape. 
I know a lot of history on this, via talking to Paul Franklin Sr/jr and the original owner- so I am glad to answer questions for potential buyers. I do not live on line so please expect a day for responses. It is real art from a master, you may never see this again, as Mr. Franklin has patent and from what I understand has no interest in getting involved in building again. You will never see one again. This will only be shipped to lower 48. Must hear it to believe it.go thru my hands-because I go after them. This one is #23 of 25 ever made…..



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