Vht i30 tube guitar amp combo | fat tone | sparkling cleans | see our video

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We at Rock town like to give you more info than ordinary stores. Yes its 30 watts, fat/punchy sounding 10 inch speaker ( the reason some prefer 10 or 12 is faster punchy sound-I agree and have the VHt myself ). This amp works great just plugged strait in, but the thing is sick when using pedals or ipad effects. Watch our video and see what we did with just the free apps….

The i-30 is all-analog, all of the modeling magic occurs in the iOS device. VHT’s unique Tone-Link circuitry has special filtering that enhances the apps for more authentic guitar amp tone, and the 12AX7 preamp further enhances the apps with real tube amp warmth and feel.

PC-friendly too:
The i-30 also features PC In and Out jacks for easy access to PC-based software such as Avid’s Pro Tools, Peavey ReValver, and Native Instruments wide range of virtual instruments.

Easy to use:
The i-30’s simple control panel has Volume, Tone, and Master controls for quick on-the-fly adjustments; the Volume control has a footswitchable pull-boost feature that increases the preamp gain to enhance high-gain tones. The rear panel provides easy-access jacks for the Boost footswitch, Tone-Link, PC In and Out, Aux In, Line Out, Headphones, and Extension Speaker. No free shipping at this price -call for best deal. We have a i30 demo video on jd9 pedal>



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