NEW Snark (SIL-1) Silver Snark Tuner

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Brand new Snark (SIL-1) silver snark tuner. Silver Snark is built to last. A vulcanized process was invented for making an ultra-hard rubber. The vulcanized rubber joints on the snark are insanely strong. The software is fast and flawless. The battery life lasts a super long time. With the joints, this tuner makes it virtually indestructible.

Why Get It From ROCKTOWN?

  • Our staff of state certified technicians examine every instrument before shipping for the best quality.
  • We take the time to give our instruments a professional grade set-up before shipping for the best play-ability.
  • Our store is ran by real musicians.


  • Full Color Display
  • High Sensitivity Vibration Sensor
  • Brand: Snark
  • Color: Silver


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