NEW Peavey (03614680) 112-C Tweed Guitar Cabinet

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Brand new Peavey (03614680) 112-C tweed guitar cabinet. No matter how good your amp is, the speaker cabinet must also be top quality to have a great tone. The Peavey 112-C has 18mm plywood construction and a premium Celestion Vintage 30 speaker. The back of the cabinet is convertible for changing the cabinet to an open back configuration. Rubber feet and metal corners complete the package. Great quality, great look, great tone and great value!

Why get it from Rocktown?

  • Our staff of certified guitar technicians examine every instrument before shipping for the best quality.
  • We take the time to give our instruments a professional grade set-up before shipping for the best play-ability.
  • Our store is ran by real musicians
  • We are a Peavey Dealer

If your amp breaks and you bought it from somewhere else, we can’t fix it because of warranty. Which means you have to ship it to Peavey (worry about it coming back to you in 1 piece) and you lose the amp for a couple of weeks. HOWEVER, if your amp breaks and you bought it at ROCKTOWN MUSIC, we will take care of you. We stock many…many….MANY parts and can get it repaired in a day in most cases. What good is a “warranty” if you can get it fixed where you got it from?


  • Tweed Tolex Covering
  • Metal Corners
  • 16 Ohms Mono
  • Rubber Feet
  • Top Handle
  • 18mm Plywood Construction
  • Convertible Open Back/Closed Back
  • One Celestion 12″ Vintage 30 Speaker
  • 60 Watts Power Handling


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