NEW Matrix (GSR-1000) Wind Up Tuner

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Brand new Matrix (GSR-1000) wind up tuner. Please call us for best price or shipping deals.

The GSR-1000 tuner delivers the performance of a highly accurate, easy-to-use digital tuner without ever requiring batteries! Simply unfold the crank then turn to generate current that is immediately stored within the built-in supercapacitor. The energy you generated then powers the efficient digital circuitry allowing you to tune your instrument with ease. If you ran out of batteries and you need to tune your guitar, don’t fret, this tuner will save your life.

Why Get It From ROCKTOWN?

  • Our staff of state certified technicians examine every instrument before shipping for the best quality.
  • We take the time to give our instruments a professional grade set-up before shipping for the best play-ability.
  • Our store is ran by real musicians.


  • Doesn’t Need Batteries
  • Compact Crank Generator And Supercapacitor
  • Built-In Emergency Flashlight


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