NEW Korg (TMR-50) Tuner Metronome Recorder

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Brand new Korg (TMR-50) tuner metronome recorder. Please call us for best price or shipping deals.

Korg’s popular TM series of tuner/metronome units is loved by players who practice to perfect their musical skills. Now joining the lineup is the TMR-50, which adds recorder functionality to the already impressive list of features. An extremely valuable way to improve your playing ability is to identify the problem areas that need work, and then practice to improve those areas. With its built-in mic and speaker, the TMR-50 makes it easy to practice this way. It provides high-quality linear PCM recording and a USB port for convenient usage with your computer. The TMR-50 features equally robust capabilities for its tuner and metronome functionality that will help you improve your sense of pitch and rhythm. Whether you’re in a brass band or an orchestra, the TMR-50 is the ideal partner for anyone who wants to improve their playing.

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  • Brand: Korg
  • Color: Pearl White


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