NEW Aalberg Audio (RO-1) ROM Reverb Pedal | Made In Norway

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Brand new Aalberg Audio (RO-1) ROM reverb pedal. The amount of reverb in your signal is set by a Mix knob that runs from fully dry to fully wet, allowing use of the pedal as a send/return effect. You can also set the size of the reverb space, with a range that runs from a small room to a really large concert hall. The other parameter is EQ with a low pass filter that rolls off increasing amounts of top end, from a bright sparkly reverb to a darker sound that may suit your sound better if you are looking for background ambience rather than something more splashy or prominent. In addition, the FX Select footswitch changes between short and long pre-delays – the gap between your dry sound and the main body of the reverb. There’s reverb here to suit many scenarios, but not the instant versatility of those pedals that offer multiple reverb types.

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  • Controls: Size, EQ, Mix, On/Off (True Bypass), FX-Select (ALT)
  • Maximum Input Signal: 3.22 Vp-p (2.28 Vrms)
  • Sample Rate: 48 kHz
  • Bit Depth: 24
  • Power Supply: 9 VDC (Not Included)



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