Joel Edwin | Conscience of America

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Artist: Joel Edwin

Album: Conscience of America

Record Label: Visionary Records

Release Year: 2005


  1. Music (For all my friends)
  2. Forgive (For Toni)
  3. Somebody Stole My Baby (Humor me, 1950  Archtop)
  4. Goodtime (With Paradise Band | Live Recording)
  5. Friend (Recorded for Wildbill @ Webejamin Studio)
  6. Meantime (3rd Time Recording Charm)
  7. Surup of Ipacac (For my old friend in punk’s greatest band | The Pipes)
  8. Rocket (More with Paradise Band “for the dads” | 1 Take live and buzzed)
  9. Conscience (T.V. like all things requires modertion)
  10. The PLan (Got to play my 1860 banjo for my great uncle)
  11. Hero (For all Emergency Workers)
  12. Star Hotel (Recorded Lice in the studio, change motel to hotel for Charlie.)


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