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 Trace Elliot Velocette Class A tube amplifier in excellent condition and in perfect working order. A short-lived model, this amp was rebranded by Gibson as the Goldtone GA-15 shortly after their acquisition of Trace Elliot, yet the amp is identical in construction and function. This amp is a single channel affair driven by a pair of EL84 power tubes, with two 12AX7s in the preamp. The compact Velocette features the simplest of controls: Volume and Tone knobs and a Bright Switch. A single input jack is high impedance and allows for perfect matching to both passive and active guitar pickups. With Class A cathode bias, the Velocette has the widest possible signal swing before the tubes are driven to cut-off or saturation. This produces a tone that is progressively rich in harmonics and very touch-sensitive to your dynamics.

Further features include an external speaker output which allows you to connect to an external 16 Ohm speaker cabinet for a different sound than the amp’s 10″Celestion speaker ( make no mistake this speaker out dose most 12’s). This is useful for live and studio use, and it can radically change your sound! Try it at a high volume into a 4×12 and you will not believe you are playing a 15 watt amp! When a plug is inserted into this jack the 10″ internal speaker is disconnected.

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