1976 Gibson Les paul | Nice neck | some mod’s for Midi | killer over all

$4,600.00 $3,000.00



Vintage 1976 Gibson Les Paul
Please read it all.
We  have handled 1000’s of Gibson’s…

We have 2 of these right now( other is on hold $5500 mint finish) See video!
You will get same tone and save 2k if you can get past the refin (thick so obscures serial) mod for coil taps,midi mod drill (see arrows in pic)and extra output jack next to 1/4 for midi. If you do midi it will save you $100 labor at a shop!
Fast neck,low frets (if you play unplugged and hard you’ll get rattle Of strings). Not thru amp when we played.
This is not a mint finish up close(see arrow on finish photo! )Yet it looks great -it passes as near mint from a bit away.
We prefer you come play it( you will want it). It is not possible to catch every little paint swirl and what not! We do our best to honestly describe & date of comparison/pot dating.

Has toggles for coil tap /Strat sounds if you want us to wire that way. (Get a quote)- matter of taste.

Cash in shop talks!

If we ship this we will not take it back.

Be sure if its shipping!


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