1920-1930 Double Neck Acoustic Harp Guitar | on display

$10,000.00 $7,000.00



1920-1930 Double Neck Acoustic Harp Guitar. We have page 36 of History of Washburn posted in shop….seems to it…
Pick up Price will be cheaper as this must have high insurance, packed right to be shipped.
NM – MINT  Harp Guitar Chicago Double Neck Acoustic 6 & 6 String
One of THE, if not THE Finest example known to exist!
I PURCHASED THIS FROM THE 2nd OWNER. IT’S MY UNDERSTANDING THAT IT MAY NEVER HAVE BEEN PLAYED!! I am continuing to gather more information on this. 
What we know: probably built by Washburn.Built from 1916 to about 1930 so we could be anywhere in that span. Let’s play it safe and say that its about 90 years old! I’ve attached an ad from Silvertone World in 1916.


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