Guitar, Bass, Ukulele And Drums With Joe Lundy


  • Joe has been playing guitar for over 15 years and teaching for over a decade
  • Joe is a well versed instructor in guitar, ukulele, bass, and drums
  • He plays in a variety of original bands in several genres. From funk/jam bands to progressive metal (several tributes such as Avenged Sevenfold, Pink Floyd, Reggae band on bass guitar, Surf Punk band on drums) has the experience to develop your skills in any style and become a well rounded and versatile musician.
  • Joe has a Music and Math Education major from SCSU and has studied Guitar Performance at McNally Smith College. He also has lots of experience in working with kids like private lessons, drumlins, dance, and volunteering at several recreational centers.
  • On top of being enrolled in one of the best education programs in the U.S., Joe also runs the Kracker Jacks Drumline and tutors math and swing dance in his own free time.


“Music is a language. I want to show you how to speak freely”
 – Joe Lundy
Guitar, Bass, Ukulele And Drums With Joe Lundy



Whether you or your child is a visual, kinesthetic, or audial learner, Joe will be able to pick up on his student’s learning ability and shape his lessons around what works best for his students – at a state accredited level. His focus on education followed by his musical passion creates a learning environment for the student to excel.


Getting started with Joe:

  • Based on your needs, lessons are typically encouraged weekly to biweekly. However many of our teachers are flexible.
  • To schedule a lesson, please contact Rocktown Music at (320) 257-7676 or through