Rocktown Music has St. Cloud’s Best Lessons!

We get several calls and emails every day about lessons.  This page is intended to answer some of your questions, however, please call to get information or to schedule your lessons.  (320) 257-7676

The Teacher Matters

Rocktown Music has the highest standards for our teachers.  We require that our teachers are professional, gigging musicians who have been perfecting their instrument over their lifetime.  They are not only talented musicans, but also experienced teachers.  We only consider teachers who are friendly, patient, and personable people.  They explain material clearly, and are great listeners.

Becoming skilled at an instrument has a lot to do with knowing good musicians, and lessons give you instant rapport with a great musician.   Parents and students of all ages often remark that their favorite thing about their lesson is that they get to talk and “hang out” with their teacher.  Rocktown Music’s staff and teachers are family oriented people… most of us raising children of our own.  We are delighted in the quality of our teachers as role models for our own children, and yours too!

Individual Attention

Rocktown Music offers private lessons so that each student receives the individual attention he or she deserves.  Parents are always welcome in the lesson studio.  In a private lesson the student can ask questions at will.  The pace is set at the students pace… whether fast or slow.  Students can also choose what songs they want to work on.  Private lessons are truly a lesson made for you!

Convenience and Flexibility

We schedule lessons six days a week during afternoon, afterschool and evening times.  There are no long term contracts or commitments to begin lessons. Teachers excuse occasional absences with advance notice.  Payments schedules are usually weekly or monthly– specified by each teacher.  We accept cash and check or credit/debit for a small fee.  We are conveniently located in the heart of St. Cloud’s commerce center near shopping, dining, and other recreation.  Or, just relax in our comfortable waiting area where we provide seating, reading material, toys for young children, and free access to our Wi-Fi Network.

The convenience of music lessons at a full service store like Rocktown Music cannot be understated.  Not that it happens every week, but occasionally you may need to purchase something- a pick, a set of strings, sheet music- to keep your playing going.  When a birthday approaches, it is easy to discretely shop for your musician’s gift while he or she is busy in the lesson. Or if your instrument is ready for routine maintenance, we can often get the work done during the lesson.  One stop shopping and tasking at Rocktown Music!

It’s the right time to learn something new.

We have students ages 5 to 72… all who are able to learn.  People have many reasons for wanting to start or improve their musical ability.  It’s educational.  It’s a good incentive and motivator.  It’s a relaxing hobby.  It’s a conversation starter.  It prevents all sorts of ailments from arthritis to Alzheimers.  It’s just a passion.  No matter your ability, lessons can be valuable.  Even Neil Peart, widely regarded as one of the best drummers of all time takes drum lessons.

Results… the proof is in the playing.

While new students start just about every week, the majority of our students are long term.  Without contractual obligation we see the same students week after week, year after year.  Why? Because they know lessons work.  Sure you will get a lot of information in the actual lesson… our teachers have the experience and put in the preparation to keep you going. But beyond that, a weekly lesson routine encourages a daily practice routine.  A weekly trip to Rocktown Music gets you meeting and talking to other musicians.  Talking to your friends about what you did in your lesson helps you cement the knowledge in your brain.  These are the intangibles that quality lessons from experienced professionals provide the dedicated musician.