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What is a luthier?

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The degree:

A luthier is a craftsmen who specializes in the construction and repair of stringed instruments. Housing a great number of banjos, cellos, violins, mandolins, guitars, basses, ukuleles, and other stringed instruments; Rocktown keeps them busy.  The game has become more diverse in recent years, and to adapt, luthiers must learn more advanced repair techniques than before.

Weather you’re looking to properly set up a 7 string for extended range tuning or play confidently knowing your mandolin’s bridge has been placed correctly, our luthiers are happy to assist you with their knowledge.

Their Training:

Rocktown Music is proud to have not one, but two state certified Redwing Graduates on staff. Other shops will claim they have certified techs, but our techs have certification from a State funded trade school – not your crash course on instrument repair done in store.

There are only 80 listed guitar repair and construction programs in the world, and during their time in school, Redwing was the only state accredited program in the country. At rocktown you’re not just dealing with the ordinary guitar tech, you’re getting assistance from knowledgeable and certified professionals.

Their role:

Our house technicians ensure that every instrument sold in store and online is set-up. We firmly believe that a good set-up is a launching pad for an aspiring musicians success, as it provides the player with a much more comfortable and rewarding playing experience.

Being able to make an instrument play properly is just a part of what a luthier is capable of, however. Repairing and modifying instruments is also an important part of the trade. A good luthier can almost seamlessly repair a crack in an acoustic guitar’s top, replace or re-glue bracing, remake cracked acoustic bracing, replace, resolder, and install pickups, recommend an instrument based on the tonality of wood, and recommend instruments based on construction principals.

Aside from all of that great jazz, a luthier also must be able to cut custom nuts and saddles for acoustic instruments, know basic finish and varnish touch up procedures, defeat the evil floyd rose bridge, and reset the neck of vintage high end acoustics.

that being said,

luthiers are part guitar tech, and part magic.


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