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NEW Luna GYPEQAGN Gypsy Quilt Natural Acoustic/Electric Guitar

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Product Description


The exotic series offer bubinga, spalt, zebrawood, ash and 4 luscious lollipop shades of trans color over quilt ash. The beauty of these little jewels is that each instrument is uniquely different because of the organic nature of the woods used.

Why We Like it:

There’s a lot of value in this guitar for the price. We’d recommend this for any beginner to intermediate player experimenting with recording and playing shows. The cut-away is an excellent addition, allowing players to get to hard to reach frets with ease. In combination with our Professional Setup, you’ll get a great feeling guitar all the way up the neck.


Top: Quilt Ash Laminate

Back & Sides: Mahogany Laminate

Neck: Mahogany

Pre-amp: Luna RD-0904TL



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