NEW Impact Guitar Picks (Variety Pack-6 Picks)

NEW Impact Guitar Picks (Variety Pack-6 Picks)

Product Description

New impact guitar picks (variety pack-6 picks).

Joel (owner) at Rocktown has had many companies build picks for him since he started performing professionally, 20 years ago. He had a Minnesota company build a pick to his specs. Based on tortex, so they don’t break easy. Edged so they don’t grasp your strings when you play roast or sweep pick. Joel says “they’re the best I’ve ever used, and I haven’t used another pick in 10 years.”

Best to try it out as a pack so you know what size you like best and the feel for it as well.



6 Different Sizes in 6 different colors.

Red (.50mm) | Orange (.60mm) | Yellow (.73mm) | Green (.88mm) | Blue (1.0mm) | Purple (1.14mm)