new aalberg audio reverb pedal ro-1 | change setting in multiple fx at once | made in Norway

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The Aalberg ROM RO-1 Reverb pedal is a stereo digital reverb pedal that houses a hall reverb and a plate reverb, both of which are switchable via the FX Select control on the front of the unit. It’s a very straight forward pedal and to be honest, thats all it needs to be. Aalberg RO-1does a great things with just things with any one knob. As I have mentioned in earlier reviews I’m a huge fan of control but when it comes to reverb it all gets a big complicated, I have no real knowledge of recreating room sizes, room shapes, wall material, reflection times etc.

It blows my mind and in most cases all we guitarists want is a rich ‘normal’ always on reverb to suit out tastes and then maybe a big plate for atmosphere so you see where I’m going with this, a pedal with two reverbs but they have to be very good as a bad reverb can spoil any great tone. Thankfully the Aalberg ROM RO-1 is indeed a great sounding reverb and specifically a great and musical sounding reverb. I found myself needing a reverb pedal at a recent rehearsal as I’d taken a very small rig and forgotten to pack one, my wife reminded me as I was leaving that a delivery had arrived for me earlier in the day and I recalled that there would be a reverb pedal in there in the shape of the ROM. My experience went like this, “Ooh that’s nice, lets try it it. Blimey, that’s gorgeous. Right it’s now on one of my boards as it’s too good not to be on there”, this took all of twenty seconds. It’s great, musical, rich, hi-fi and then you have the added feature of the bluetooth too ( we sell changer for $40).


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