New Budda Twinmaster Guitar Combo Amplifier

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Product Description

All-tube tone in a convenient combo

The Budda Twinmaster guitar amplifier combo packs a big helping of all-tube tone. The Class AB power section runs off of two EL84s, a single 5U4 rectifier, and the preamp utilizes two 12AX7s. A cascading preamp design gives you killer gain and big tone. The normal input gives you super-clean tones that start to get dirty when pushed. The high-gain input offers a hybrid-British vibe with great-sounding overdrive and heavily distorted tones. Custom-wound transformers deliver plenty of punch to the Twinmaster guitar amp combo.

Handwired boutique amp

As only the finest of boutique amp can offer, the Twinmaster guitar amp combo is handwired in Budda’s Meridian, Mississippi factory. The power section of the Twinmaster features point-to-point wiring, and the preamp uses a turret board. You’ll be able to hear the amount of care and works that goes into every Budda amp.

Slave output and effects loop for versatile operation

The Twinmaster guitar amplifier combo has an onboard slave output that delivers all of the characteristics of your amp signal in parallel to the speaker outs. This non-powered, padded signal is perfect for using as a direct out to mixers and recording equipment. The Twinmaster also features a modern effects loop, so you can get all your favorite pedals into the mix.

Additional Information

Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 12 in