Piano with Marilee

Marilee, Piano Teacher

Marilee teaches piano lessons at Rocktown Music. She has a unique ability to relate to students sitting at the piano next to a teacher because she was that student in childhood. She started to take regular piano lessons around age 8 and continued to do so into high school. She experienced “two different types of teaching… which told [her] exactly what kind of teacher she wanted to be.” One teacher “was very strict. [Her style] was not conducive to my way of learning and memorizing notes. Then I switched teachers. She was more friendly, she taught more how I was able to learn. She didn’t write the notes in which forced me to learn to read the music. [She offered] lots of encouragement and positive words. She got me to enjoy learning piano… that’s the kind of teacher I try to model myself after.”

Marilee has always loved playing for others. She reminisces, “My Grandparents would come over. ‘All right Marilee. Let’s have the concert of the day.’ Whether I played classical, church music, something from the radio, it didn’t matter to them. They just enjoyed listening to me play.” That was a monthly occurrence throughout childhood. “My dad was a Neil Diamond fanatic. I would play and he would sing. That’s a good memory.” Her husband is also a musician. He is a vocalist and keyboardist. “He’s self taught. Plays by ear.” Despite the different approaches, “we enjoy playing music together.”

Marilee is a parent of two adult children. Her son is in the “ADD club”… so she’s had some experience dealing with children with special needs. She taught a group of children with Autism and ADD. “I was comfortable there because of what I learned from raising my son. I still enjoy working with kids with special needs.They are fun to teach because you can literally see the music go in their eyes and out their fingers. That’s the joy I get out of it.”

Marilee has a flexible schedule. Please call (320) 257-7676 for more information or to schedule lessons.