Drums and Percussion with Jake

Lessons at a glance:

  • Jake has been behind the drums for over a decade and has been teaching them for 6 years.
  • On top of teaching, he’s performed in various percussion ensembles statewide.
  • Jake also has a strong background in blues and rock, playing in a number of local bands.
  • Drawing on inspiration from his drum teacher, jake believes in paced lessons.
  • He stresses the importance of understanding the instrument from the ground up with his students.

“My first drum teacher inspired me to get into the local scene, and helped strengthen my passion for music. I’d Like to do the same. ”

Whether it’s your first time playing, or you’ve got some experience under your belt, Jake will help build your skills from the ground up at a balanced pace. Having had lots of teaching experience, Jake is comfortable teaching all students regardless of age or experience level.

Getting Started With Jake:

  • To schedule a lesson, please contact Rocktown Music at (320) 257-7676 or through rocktownmusic@gmail.com.
  • Based on your needs, lessons are typically encouraged to be held weekly or biweekly, however many of our teachers are flexible.